Diyar Alkhair – affordable housing to start hand-over


Promoseven Holdings, a leading real estate developer in Bahrain, announced the start of handing over units of the “Diyar Alkhair” Residential project at a press conference. The completion rate of the project has exceeded 80%! Those wishing to acquire a residential apartment with quality features at an acceptable price in the centre of Bahrain, are urged to contact the project management to view a showcase unit to get a complete idea of the finished product.

Mr. Akram Miknas, Chairman of Promoseven Holdings, said: “Our aim, through the “Diyar Alkhair” project, is to contribute to the national efforts to provide economical housing for Bahrainis. We utilized the large land area on which the development is built to create affordable apartments for low- or middle-income Bahrainis. The complex is directed primarily to the residents of neighbouring communities in the villages of Budaiya Street, Jadd Hafs, Al-Burhama among others, who wish to own an apartment at an affordable price without compromising the main requirements of the apartment and the distinct service facilities.”

Mr. Miknas stated, in an interview during the press conference, that “Promoseven Holdings” supports this project through its accumulated experience, high financial solvency, and long history in successful real estate projects. He added that Promoseven relies on the best suppliers, materials, and companies in implementing the project. He stressed the fact that the construction work in “Diyar Alkhair” didn’t stop despite the exceptional circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, which reflects the keenness of the project’s team to adhere to the timetable set for implementation without any delay.

“This project starts in its first phase with various apartments and facilities that, upon completion of the project, will form an integrated city in the Sanabis area, which is in the middle of the commercial and tourist heart of Bahrain, 3 km from the capital, Manama, and at the centre-point of a highway connecting southern and northern Bahrain.” Mr. Miknas concluded.

Mrs. Ibtissam Laitoum, Head of the Real Estate department at Promoseven Holdings, said that the first phase of the “Diyar Alkhair” project, consists of two 14-story towers and 120 apartments of various sizes, designed to meet the needs of the modern Bahraini family. Competitive prices start at 50,000 Bahraini Dinars, which makes them affordable for many citizens and investors.

“Promoseven Holdings has made all the necessary preparations to start handing over apartments to the residents and investors, after providing a showcase unit in the project that allows prospective owners to get a complete picture about the final design of the apartments. The project is included in the Mazaya programme, an affordable mortgage programme supported by the Ministry of Housing for eligible citizens to get financing subsidized by the ministry,” Mrs. Laitoum said.

She affirmed the high demand for the project by small and large Bahraini families, due to its unique advantages, namely competitive pricing in addition to potential for investors seeking rental returns and a high occupancy rate in this active area in the centre of Bahrain.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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