55,753 mask violations registered since the enforcement of the order


Public Security Assistant Chief for Operations and Training Affairs, Brigadier Dr  Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Khalifa highlighting individual responsibility in combating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), urging compliance with mandatory precautionary measures to curb the pandemic.

He highlighted the continuation and intensification of the concerned directorates of the Interior Ministry to monitor commitment to precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19.

He said that the current phase required joint efforts of citizens and residents with the government, calling all to follow preventative measures to fight the virus.

“Security directorates continue to take legal proceedings against violators per the decision of the government and the instructions of the National Medical Taskforce for Combating CVID-19”, he said.

He called upon the public to stay at home and leave only for the necessities, wear masks, adhere to social distancing and avoid family gatherings.

He said that the National Ambulance Centre had dealt with 6123 cases since the beginning of the outbreaks, which makes up 16% of total cases.

The centre was assigned to transfer infected individuals to the allocated areas by trained teams.

He revealed the registration of 55,753 mask violations in public places and shops since the enforcement of the order.

A total of 8,364 steps were taken to ensure social distancing and  6,386 awareness campaigns were held until March 4.

The transportation Directorate of the Interior Ministry transferred 76102 cases since the beginning of the outbreaks. A total of 199,073 disinfection operations were carried.




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