The HUAWEI MateBook X is taking the Smart Mobile Productivity by storm


A traditional thin and lightweight notebook can no longer meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce. The third generation of Mobile Productivity, built on the previous two generations of portable and thin, lightweight PC products, will be the era of “intelligent” notebooks. This upgrade will completely eliminate the fragmented working experience of using multiple devices, creating a new, integrated cross-device working experience.

The new HUAWEI MateBook X not only features a sleek and thin design; its signature feature is “Multi-screen Collaboration”, which solves the problem of transferring files between Windows and Android devices in a simple and natural way, making it the quintessential symbol of the third-generation Mobile Office.

One of the highlights of the new MateBook X’s smart revolution is the innovative Multi-screen Collaboration feature. This allows PCs and Huawei phones to be interconnected at all times, with both devices being able to freely control the phone interface on the PC screen after just one simple tap of the phone on the touchpad. With the release of Huawei’s EMUI 11, the MateBook X’s screen can now display up to three mobile app windows from your phone at once. In addition, the HUAWEI MateBook X is equipped with a super convenient screenshot function which means it just takes a three-finger swipe down to capture the content on-screen. After taking the screenshot, the text in the image will be automatically recognised, significantly increasing your efficiency during work or study.

The new MateBook X also has a surprising number of nifty features that make the smart office experience more efficient and user-friendly. For the first time, it has introduced the HUAWEI Free Touch touchpad which, as one of best “full haptic feedback” touchpads in the Windows line-up, has 8 piezoelectric plates and is fully responsive no matter where you click. The new MateBook X features a 1.3mm scissor-foot keyboard with a long 1.3mm keystroke, providing greater key feedback so you won’t get tired of typing even after hours at a time. Users of the MateBook X don’t need to worry about making noise while you typing and interrupting the flow of those around them, so they free to let your inspiration run wild and boost the productivity of their entire team.

The HUAWEI MateBook X is reshaping the future of the PC, revolutionising the industry as it enters the phase of deep connectivity. Distributed technologies such as Multi-screen Collaboration have made remote working easier and more fun. Huawei will likely go on to introduce more intelligent capabilities to blow open the capabilities of the PC, to improve productivity and bring in new forms of intelligent design. The new MateBook X is hailing in the third generation of the Mobile Productivity.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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