Al-Amthal launches integrated electronic application for trading industry


Al-Amthal Group, a Bahrain based company that provides technology solutions to organizations in the GCC and other counties, announced the launch of the first integrated electronic application for trading industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which represents a distinguished addition to the commercial sector in the Kingdom and reinforces its position as a leader in the field of digital transformation and adopting the latest innovations and solutions.

Al-Amthal Group CEO, Mr. Hani Awachi, said that the new application called “MALLATS” has already started with the participation of 250 Bahraini commercial companies operating in the local market, adding that the group has an ambitious plan to expand in Bahrain and the region through its branches spread in various GCC states.

“Through this application, we are aiming to provide a unique shopping experience not only for Bahrainis and residents but also for visitors to Bahrain, especially since it is expected that the Bahraini market activity will increase significantly after opening the borders, as Bahrain is a preferred shopping destination for tourists for several reasons, including the relatively low value-added tax (VAT),” Mr. Awachi added.

The CEO of Al-Amthal Group also affirmed Al-Amthal Group’s pride in offering this Bahraini product to the local, regional and global market in light of the increasing need for this type of applications over the past years due to the rapid expansion of the retail sector, and the development of Internet services in Bahrain.

Mr. Hani Awachi explained that the “Mallats” application is the result of the work of a multinational team of researchers, programmers, designers, and marketers with long experience and exceptional familiarity with both the needs of retailers and consumer trends in Bahrain. He added that the application provides a smart and integrated platform provided by Al-Amthal Group, which has been awarded several awards in the technical field.

“We wanted to offer the region and the global market a different technical product starting from Bahrain, so we built an application (Mallats) that adds many innovative features in combination with all the characteristics of similar applications. Mallats is an International Marketplace for the retail or wholesale trading industry; it integrates merchants, customers, financial institutions, external bodies, and government bodies under a single application,” Mr. Hani Awachi concluded.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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