Rolls-Royce Cullinan through the lens of Abbas Al Mosawi

At the very heart of Rolls-Royce lie unprecedented levels of creativity and craft. Capturing the imagination of visionaries around the world, each motor car is a unique work of art executed with creative passion.

“For me, being bold as an artist means going against the grain and Rolls-Royce Cullinan occupies a space that I resonate with in terms of creativity; being bold and daring.”

Abbas Al Mosawi, Artist and Photographer.

Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled ability to step out of the box enables its artisans to take the desires of its patrons and convert these into masterpieces of creativity and engineering; enter Cullinan, a motor car for those looking to push beyond accepted limits. Cullinan takes luxury out of its urban constraints and offers an uncompromised lifestyle and daring design, and capturing this poetic embodiment of artistry against the stunning backdrop of Bahrain is none other than acclaimed artist and photographer, Abbas Al Mosawi.

Setting off from his Art Gallery, led by the Spirit of Ecstasy, Cullinan embarks on an urban adventure across Manama with effortless accomplishment. Standing tall with absolute authority, Al Mosawi immediately captures Cullinan’s commanding stance of a warrior in front of the World Trade Centre, bringing to life the prominent brow of a Saxon fighter created by the line that runs across the top of the pantheon grille and ‘eyebrow’-like daytime running lights. Conquering its urban terrain and gliding across the beautiful city, Cullinan’s strength and power take centre stage in front of Bahrain’s National Theatre, and as the journey continues in uncompromised luxury, Cullinan’s unique and daring design philosophy comes to light in front of Arab Fort.

Set against the city of Manama, Abbas Al Mosawi captures the incomparable artistry that is Rolls-Royce, bringing to life the very essence of Cullinan and the dramatically evolved parameters of super-luxury travel, through his lens.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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