We rely on users’ awareness not to disclose banking data: BAB


The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) stressed the need for the various users of financial and banking services to realize the significance of preserving their personal and banking data and not to disclose it in any way except when necessary and through reliable channels, besides, to educate other segments that do not interact with modern technologies professionally, such as some elderly people regarding this critical issue.

The Association expressed its confidence in the efforts of the financial and banking institutions within the framework of implementing the directives of the Central Bank of Bahrain to provide the latest electronic protection systems for customer data and to ensure reliable communication with them.

BAB also noted the continuous coordination between the banking sector and several relevant bodies such as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to prevent fraud and impersonation, out of everyone’s keenness to address fraudulent methods, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, in light of the increasing use of digital communication means, confirming in this regard that The Kingdom of Bahrain is at the forefront of countries that take all necessary precautions to preserve users’ data and privacy.

Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bahrain Association of Banks said that the Association takes upon itself the responsibility of spreading awareness between the users of financial and banking services of the importance of preserving their privacy, within the framework of the related efforts performed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and the financial and banking institutions.

“BAB is in constant contact with many of its members from banks and financial institutions in this regard, and we are confident that everyone is keen to take all necessary measures to protect users’ data and their financial transfers. But it is natural for cyber-attacks to increase, especially in light of the increasing reliance on digital channels to transfer money, moreover, cybercriminals constantly develop their tools and fraudulent methods, in exchange for banks increasing layers of protection for their networks and electronic systems, monitoring these attacks and eliminating them in the bud.” Mr. Yousif said.

Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks affirmed that BAB still monitors complaints from time to time from some users claiming that their bank accounts have been hacked, but when the Association investigates the matter, it finds that the user himself was lenient on preserving his data, or that he committed a mistake during his work on transferring money from his account or paying to another party, adding that the sensitivity of financial transactions and transfers requires the utmost awareness and vigilance of users.

Dr. Al Qassim concluded by saying: “One of the most crucial things that the users must avoid is responding to phone calls and messages received through smartphone applications that claim to represent a bank, and ask for any personal data, as no bank will request any personal data through phone calls. The Association is launching an integrated campaign that includes various communication channels to boost the awareness of all citizens and residents regarding the importance of preserving the confidentiality of their data and banking transactions.”



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