Huawei’s secure keyboard now protects your passwords


When you pay for something online or log into an app, making your phone forget your password is often more difficult than remembering it. With 5G, almost every service we now use is handled through our phones. This means the security of our user accounts is more important than ever. Third-party keyboards are also increasingly common. Many of those keyboards have features that allow them to save frequently entered user names and passwords. They take that data and store it on private servers, helping you log in automatically the next time you access an app. Even though this is a convenient service, it presents a massive risk to your privacy. The truth is, we need to be able to control whether our keyboards remember our passwords.

With Huawei’s Secure Keyboard, your passwords are never recorded, regardless of what you are logging into. Screenshots and screen recording are also disabled when you type to make sure malicious apps don’t secretly monitor you when you enter a password.

To activate Secure Keyboard on your phone, go to System & updates under Settings, then Language & input, and then tap Secure keyboard. Huawei’s smartphone security features have generally become very good in recent years. The standards used in EMUI 11 new security features have proven repeatedly to display a higher attention to detail. The core of the new security regime is centered on the encryption of all biometric data and using a Trusted Execution Environment to store sensitive information. This keeps that information from ever being sent to a cloud server.

The Secure Keyboard feature is now taking the same standards and applying them to password protection. By blocking third parties from harvesting your password data, it ultimately prevents other sensitive information from being sent out into the world. Currently, all Huawei phones running EMUI 11, like the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro and the HUAWEI P40 series, support dual biometric authentication that uses 3D face scans and fingerprint readers to unlock your phone. This is a more secure authentication method than just traditional passwords. Password authentication though is still the most common security measure taken by most apps and should not be forgotten. With Secure Keyboard, it will not be.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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