Huawei’s MateBook series boasts formidable performance for everyday use


With laptops running as desktops despite their small size, purchasing a laptop for work, school or entertainment seems like a no-brainer. Laptops afford you the best of both worlds with maximum portability and larger memory. If you do not already own a laptop, you should consider the benefits of having a portable PC readily available wherever you are and whenever you want! Meet the HUAWEI MateBook Series; Huawei’s line-up of laptops have flagships built for power and performance and stylish laptops designed with a touch of elegance in addition to all-rounder laptops that provide value at a friendlier price point.

Top Flagship – HUAWEI MateBook X & HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

Standing strong at the top of the pyramid are the HUAWEI MateBook X and the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro. Tailored for premium users, these laptops are ultra-light, thin and stylish ensuring easy portability. Weighing just 1kg and 1.33kg respectively, both laptops are elegant, with Huawei’s sophisticated artistry letting them stand out from the rest. Whether you plan to work on a presentation or watch a movie both laptops provide you with an immersive viewing experience thanks to the 3K Infinite FullView Display on the HUAWEI MateBook X and 3K Ultra FullView Display on the Pro version complete with minimal bezels.

In terms of multitasking, both laptops feature Multi-Screen Collaboration, which links your smartphone onto your laptop’s screen. Sharing files is easy as dragging and dropping from one device to another! You can also use this feature to accomplish task on your phone using the laptops peripherals such as keyboard and mouse. In terms of performance, both laptops provide solidly. Be it work or entertainment both the HUAWEI MateBook X and X Pro, will deliver strong performances all through.

Huawei provides many options for laptops covering all aspects; including solid performances, iconic designs, innovative features, long battery life etc. The task of choosing your next laptop has been made so much easier.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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