Benefit to boost security and privacy in cooperation with NGN


Benefit, the leading electronic network for financial transactions in the region, has unveiled a quantum leap in the field of enhancing the security and privacy of users of its services from retailers and individuals in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by taking advantage of the advanced technology solutions of “NGN International” a IT systems integrator company headquartered in Bahrain.

“Benefit” and “NGN” were keen that the cooperation agreement between the two companies includes a strategic dimension by promoting the field of research and development and the optimal use of artificial intelligence mechanisms and big data analysis in developing cybersecurity management in financial transactions and supporting electronic transformation as basic pillars of Bahrain Vision 2030.

BENEFIT CEO, Mr. Abdulwahed AlJanahi, said that this new collaboration with the “NGN International” affirms Benefit’s unwavering commitment to providing a safe and sustainable experience for all users, as a fundamental pillar in their strategy to provide pioneering digital financial services, which are being offered through their  broad portfolio of Benefit products in the field of digital payment through the “BenefitPay” application along with other services provided by the company.

Mr. AlJanahi said in a statement on the sidelines of the signing of the cooperation agreement that the broad expansion in the use of electronic payment channels requires that users are safeguarded while conducting their transactions, with the peace of mind of their personal data is  protected while using any of our services at BENEFIT.   He went on to add that enhancing the Company’s ability to expand and accommodate the increasing needs of everyone, by offering safe, secure and effective financial payment channels around the clock, contribute to elevating the customer experience of the electronic financial services sector in the Kingdom,  thereby supporting national economic growth as well as raising the level of well-being of members of society.

“BENEFIT is keen on keeping track of our customers’ experiences, attitudes, and behaviors, while ensuring we provide secure services; in order to be able to serve our customers better. In parallel with the Company’s adoption of the latest electronic security solutions, we will maintain our commitment to educating users, all the while improving the security of our digital payments to safeguard their security. Although we expect our users to maintain awareness and ensure they take all the necessary precautions to secure their data, from our end we spare no effort in providing increased layers of electronic protection to ensure the security of their financial transactions and the reliability of their electronic payments,” he added.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of “NGN”, affirmed that the company will establish the cooperation with “Benefit” as an example to be followed in the field of providing electronic security solutions for digital payments, pointing out that the work team at “NGN” which includes a group of local and international expertise in various fields of digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence   and cybersecurity will harness all its capabilities to ensure that Benefit and its clients receive highest levels of cybersecurity 24/7  protection from current and future threats.

Al Awadhi considered that providing the latest and best electronic security solutions represent an essential part of the process of developing technical products in various sectors, especially in the digital financial transactions sector due to their use by a significant number of people and institutions on the one hand, and because this sector is a primary targeted by cyberattacks.

“Our cooperation with a leading Bahraini company like “Benefit” consolidates our position as a key partner in the digital transformation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and building the knowledge economy within the framework of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, based on our established foundation of accumulated experiences, teamwork and broad responsibility towards all our partners.” Mr. Al Awadhi concluded.



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