Middle East security has been closely linked to global security for seventy years: Foreign Minister


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, affirmed that Middle East security has been closely linked to global security for seventy years, noting that one of the reasons that prompted the Kingdom of Bahrain to launch the Manama Dialogues more than a decade ago is its awareness that regional security can only be effectively addressed as an integral part of global security with the participation of decision-makers from the region and the world.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered a speech in which he highlighted the challenges facing the world, including the malign activities of some parties and the current unresolved crises. He pointed out that as a result, the efforts today must completely focus on ensuring security and stability of the Middle East as an essential component of global security.

The minister added that it is necessary to change the perception of the Middle East as a “problematic region” and as a source of conflict and instability that must be contained, pointing to the importance of building a region that adopts dialogue and mutual respect, in which cooperation and common interests support security to achieve prosperity. He also pointed out the importance of signing the Abraham Accords in enhancing peace, stressing the need for friends and allies around the world to continue their strong support to Bahrain’s efforts to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

Dr. Al Zayani also asserted the importance of finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the need to continue political, economic, commercial and diplomatic support for the broader concept of a safe and interconnected region that enjoys peace and prosperity.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the countries of the region need a flexible security deterrence policy complemented by active cyber, economic and diplomatic deterrence, so that rivals know that they collectively have the means for an effective and proportionate response to any attack.




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