Focus on managing oil spill emergencies


Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) CEO Dr. Mohammed Mubarak Bin Dainah has stressed the Council’s keenness to raise the level of preparedness to tackle oil spills through drawing up plans, holding training workshops and carrying out periodic exercises.

Addressing an online workshop on managing oil spills organized in cooperation with the National Committee for Disaster Response and Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), Dr. Bin Dainah referred to “The Kingdom’s Hands” organized by the Council last year in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

He hailed the positive outcome of the exercise in its first version, but added that work was underway to achieve higher levels of preparedness and performance in the event of spills.

Dr. Bin Dainah stressed the importance of cooperation between all ministries and institutions to tackle incidents of oil spills and praised the distinguished efforts made by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom in this field.

He hailed the decision by the Cabinet on September 14 to approve the national emergency plan on combating oil pollution and other harmful substances.

The plan, prepared by the Supreme Council for the Environment, includes methods for controlling marine oil and petrol spills, and employing human capital and expertise in cooperation with one of the largest international companies that specialises in tackling oil spills and with the participation of relevant ministries and government agencies.




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