Speaker proposes turning Al-Dhiyafa Palace in Gudaibiya into tourist landmark


Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Fawzia bint Abdulla Zainal, and a number of lawmakers have submitted a proposal to turn the “Al-Dhiyafa” Palace in Gudaibiya into a tourist landmark to document the history of the Al Khalifa Family.

The speaker pointed out that the proposal aims to convert the “Al-Dhiyafa” Palace, located in the Gudaibiya region, into a historical tourist monument that documents the history of the Al Khalifa Family in Bahrain, a history that stands witness to the glory of which all citizens and residents are proud.

The aim is to open the Palace for visitors, from residents and tourists, which will make it a tourist attracting facility that adds to other tourism facilities in the kingdom, she said.

She indicated that the proposal aims primarily to document the great history of the Al Khalifa Family and their achievements in various fields, noting that such a Palace was among the main venues where the kingdom’s affairs have been run, which makes it a witness to the most important historical phases of the kingdom’s history under the leadership of the Al Khalifa Family.

She added that the proposal was submitted out of the belief in the importance of documenting the kingdom’s history and heritage and promoting them all over the world.

It also supports the efforts being made by the competent authorities to boost tourism in the kingdom, as the Palace will add value to its tourist landmarks, which will make Bahrain among the most important tourism attracting countries, she added.




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