Bahrain’s leading position in internet speed supports digital transformation


Information and communication technology expert Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi confirmed that Bahrain’s first rank in speedy Internet services in the Arab world pave the way for more rapid and broader steps in the field of the digital transformation and greater utilization of modern technical applications such as AI, and VR/AR in health, education and other sectors, in addition to the creation of more projects and businesses on the Internet and building a knowledge economy.

Al Awadhi in a statement marking the issuance of the broadband services classification by acclaimed website -which showed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s progress in the Arab world and internationally in the field of internet speed- pointed to the enormous impact of the development of Internet services on the economic growth as a whole. “The more institutions and individuals using the Internet, the higher the rates of Economic growth. Moreover, investing more in strengthening the infrastructure of the Internet and digital services in Bahrain would preserve the Kingdom’s leadership in this field and would benefit all sectors.” He said.

Al Awadhi praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, the Information and E-Government Authority, and other relevant authorities to improve the Internet infrastructure in Bahrain, “Global service sectors have been disrupted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of robust infrastructure in many countries in the Internet and communication systems, while Bahrain did not witness any difficulties in this field. Currently, amidst the spread of the pandemic, the potential of digital technology has become evident for the world. It used to aid people to enjoy a better life, but now it has become even more essential in helping them survive.” Al Awadhi added.

He noted a report issued recently on the sidelines of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, which revealed that only 54% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet, as developed countries such as Bahrain have shifted to the digital world, pointing to the crucial role of the Internet in maintaining economies and health systems in operation, and keep everybody in touch.

“We must also pay attention to an essential point, which is the ability of individuals and institutions in Bahrain to incur the costs of using the Internet without this being a burden on them, unlike many countries were weak purchasing power or soaring costs of using the Internet limit users’ ability to benefit from the Internet. The roadmap recommendations on global connectivity and digital public goods, launched by the UN last June, affirms the necessity for secure and affordable Internet access for all people.” Al Awadhi said.

Al Awadhi, who is the CEO of “NGN International,” a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, said that the increasing reliance on modern technology and the Internet create more challenges related to cybersecurity in particular. “We affirm the significance of implementing more protection and security for the ICT network and the electronic devices connected with it, especially in sensitive sectors such as energy, health and infrastructure.” He concluded.


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