ONYX Bahrain Bay wins Arabian International Property Awards


Kooheji Development, one of the largest and leading real estate Developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will be honoured at the Arabian Property Awards in an online virtual ceremony on 5th November for Onyx Bahrain Bay project. Kooheji Development competed against the best property professionals across the Arabian regions and will be acknowledged in the High-Rise Residential Development category.

The Arabian Property Awards are the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme throughout the regions, and are judged by an independent panel of over 80 industry experts. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness, Lord Best and Lord Waverley, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19, the Arabian Award Winner announcements will be in an online virtual ceremony. This year marks the Awards 27th year of the ceremony and it covers over 45 different residential and commercial categories. Regional heats are staged for Arabian, Europe, Africa, Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean, USA, UK and Asia Pacific.

Onyx Bahrain Bay project was submitted to the independent judges last July. The submissions were judged by an independent panel that included Jill Keene, Former Editor of International Property and Travel Magazine, Victoria Taylor current Editor of International Property & Travel Magazine and Del Hossain, Managing Director of the Adrem Group, London.

The judging focuses on many aspects of the High-Rise Residential Development, including the development design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability. Onyx Bahrain Bay was able to win due to its uniqueness in many of these aspects. The project is being developed by Kooheji Contractors, one of Bahrain’s top leading real estate developers with 50 years of experience in delivering World-Class projects. The company comprises of a design team with unique in-house capabilities and full-fledged project management structural design and build that achieves premium quality finishes at the best value proposition.

Moreover, Onyx Bahrain Bay project is located in a strategic location at “Bahrain Bay”, which is a global business, leisure and lifestyle destination that uniquely combines relaxation and Luxury in the heart of the Capital and at the entrance of Bahrain Bay offering easy access to Bahrain Airport, King Fahad highway and Bahrain’s top shopping destinations, the Avenues and Moda Mall.

Many nearby outdoor leisure destinations are also at a walking distance from Bahrain Bay; The Park, The Wharf and five-star hotels including Wyndham Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

The architectural design illustrates the architectural language used in the towers with the façade and renders of the project, explaining the blends with the surrounding context, and the fully glazed façade that offers a strong connection with the views of the site from all directions.

Additionally, the curvilinear layout of the building enforces the options of maximizing the views and creates a unique outline for the project. Each residential apartment’s view in the project is considered whether it’s a seaview over Bahrain Bay, Reef Island, panoramic view over Manama’s Skyline or Fourseasons Hotel Bahrain Bay view.

Residential apartments in Onyx Bahrain Bay project provide variety of layouts and sizes with customized unique layouts to cater to every luxury need ranging from 1 bedroom, 2 and 3.5-bedrooms apartment with 220 sqm built up area and 4 – 5 Bedrooms SkyVillas from 300 – 500 sqm built up area.

Moreover, it has the largest Penthouses in Bahrain Bay that provide luxury, privacy and exclusivity with each Penthouse spreading over two floors and 650 sqm built up area, to offer exclusive top-of-the-line furnishing, generous outdoor areas and its own private pools.

The different layouts developed with two themes created by top international award-winning interior designers for ONYX Bahrain Bay apartments.

In addition to the site layout and the placement of units with detailed units’ designs, appearance and finishes, the judges also look into the project marketing campaigns, local newspapers news coverage, social media communications of the project and its photography/videography milestone archival.

Moreover, details of the safety, security sustainability and innovation methods used in the project were highlighted to showcase the cutting-edge latest technology and methods used in the construction of Onyx Bahrain Bay project.

Achieving unique value proposition through great understanding of Onyx Bahrain Bay project’s needs while using its extensive capability, Kooheji Development achieved sustainability by implementing technical solutions at the early design stage to reduce environmental impact while limiting operational expenses. This includes the block installation method using lightweight materials made from all-natural fine ingredients that contributes greatly to minimise the construction duration as installation of the blocks is faster than conventional concrete wall systems. Projects constructed with lightweight blocks are safe, as its walls have a fire rating of more than four (4) hours and is also earthquake resilient. Its excellent thermal efficiency also reduces energy cost. This product is eco-friendly too.

We also applied thermal aluminium system, a technology that helps reinforcing polyamide bar between the inside and outside aluminium profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. This will conduct heat, cold and noise a thousand times slower than standard aluminium. By installing thermally double-glazed windows and doors, we are able to stop noise by up to 80% and keep Onyx Apartments cooler during the hot Bahrain summers.

(It conducts heat and noise 1000 times slower than normal aluminium- Repeated). The systems are also flame retardant, enhance security, low maintenance, long lasting with higher durability, and non-corrosive.

In addition, while considering heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are as vital to a building as lungs are to a human being, these systems employ complex networks of air handlers, compressors, cooling towers and other equipment to make sure that the air inside a building is clean, conditioned and comfortable. But running all of that equipment consumes a lot of energy.

Renewable energy and smart technology are making these systems more sustainable than ever before, consuming less energy while promoting healthier indoor and outdoor environments.

The AC water is also used for gardening Onyx Bahrain Bay landscape to achieve efficient and sustainable system that benefits Onyx Bahrain Bay project and its residents.

We undertake different aspects to reduce energy usage as part of the strategic energy plan which saves millions in energy costs without compromising on Onyx Bahrain Bay project residents’ experience. This includes using water aerators with a water-saving flow rate, to save water as well as energy. In addition, these aerators equipped with the technology that maintains a steady flow rate even if the system pressure keeps going up and down. This means more comfort for Onyx’s residents and reduced water bills that achieves high aeration efficiency.

Also, a lower wattage, motion sensor-controlled LED lighting has been installed in various locations.

Commenting on ONYX Bahrain Bay project Award, Engr. Mohamed Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji, General Manager of Kooheji Development said: “We are extremely proud of Onyx Bahrain Bay project achievement in winning the best project in the High-Rise Residential Development Category by the International Property Awards that is the world’s largest and most prestigious award.”

“Winning this award is recognition of the excellent service and the constant look for quality. As one of the key players in Bahrain’s real estate industry, Kooheji Contractors and Development strives in maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit while finding a better way of delivering projects. Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional methods and achieve more efficient ways to deliver projects, while working with integrity to ensure we uphold high our ethical standards.”

“We dedicate this award to our beloved Kingdom of Bahrain, while committing to maintaining the highest standards and enhancing our collaboration as a developer with The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to make Bahrain the premier destination for real estate investment both regionally and globally.”

“With Onyx Bahrain Bay project, we aim to achieve an elegant architectural design with the highest functionality standards. The key to our business success are the relationships with key suppliers, our approach towards health and safety, quality and service excellence which are the foundations to a world-renowned mark of excellence.”

“Our great strength as a leading construction and development firm is to focus on latest technology trends and investment in Innovation. We at Kooheji Development, will continue our efforts to collaborate and provide innovative products, maintaining our key strength in our legacy to continually enhance world-class customer experience.

The project consists of two towers, Tower A is Onyx Bahrain Bay and Tower B the Hotel serviced apartment. The construction work is in full swing, as Tower A reaches the last floor, the 44th floor, and soon we will be celebrating the crown installation. Tower B reached 17 floors and we will be soon celebrating the appointment of the Hotel Serviced Apartment operator.


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