Importance of adhering to the precautionary measures against coronavirus stressed


Deputy Chief of Public Security, Major-General Abdullah Al Zayed stressed today the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures against coronavirus as part of social responsibility. He highlighted continuation of the Police Directorates in enhancing awareness of citizens and residents of the importance to follow precautionary measures against coronavirus, including wearing face masks and social distancing in public places and shops. He revealed the registration of 26234 violations of not wearing face masks in public places and shops since the enforcement of the order. The various concerned departments have organised 3041 awareness campaigns and carried 5985 steps to promote social distancing.

The Northern Governorate Police Directorate reported 1557 violations related to the rule of social distancing and 6137 violations of not wearing masks in public places. It carried 631 awareness campaigns.

The Capital Governorate Police Directorate took 379 steps to protect social distancing in the district, along with reporting 4489 mask-related violations. It also held 800 awareness campaigns.

Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate registered 1302 social distancing violations and 6698 mask-related violations. The department also organised 1209 awareness campaigns.

The Southern Governorate reported 2380 social distancing violations and 3619 mask-related violations. The department also held 401 awareness campaigns and disinfection operations.

The Operations Directorate of the Public Security Presidency registered 5194 mask-related violations. It also took 367 steps to protect social distancing.

The General Directorate of Ports Security reported 97 mask-related violations. The General Directorate of Civil Defence carried 82610 disinfecting operations of buildings, government establishments and roads. It also carried 364 training courses on correct disinfecting methods.




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