MG RX5: Redefining Perfection


The MG RX5 is the perfect choice for a youthful compact SUV; as it is designed with a unique combination of luxurious looks, sporty performance and hi-tech features. Available in Bahrain only at Zayani Motors, the exclusive distributor of MG in the Kingdom, the MG RX5 redefines the shape of sporty, elegant and youthful cars.

The MG RX5 comes with endless modern specifications, besides integrating exceptional performance with sleek design and high safety features. It comes in two options to suit different tastes and requirements in a sporty and futuristic vehicle. Also, it comes in two turbocharged engine options, each can be relied upon to provide an unforgettable driving experience.

Owing to its sleek lines and eye-catching exterior design, such as subtle chrome finishes, quality paintwork, and a distinctive front grille with the iconic MG logo embedded in the centre, the MG RX5 will catch the attention of discerning motorists everywhere.

This car comes with generous space for the driver, passengers and for transporting big items, as it has more than enough room for up to five passengers and comes with the best rear leg room and head space in its class. The sensibly designed interior also encompasses of intelligent features, such as an eight-inch colour touchscreen that can access your smartphone and provides satellite navigation and entertainment.

The safety of the driver and passengers of the MG RX5 has been a top priority when the car was designed, as it is built with six airbags, ultra-high-strength steel cage, reverse parking camera and smart brake system.

For more information and test drives, call or visit Zayani Motors showrooms in Ma’ameer (+97317703703) or Arad (+97317465533). You can also visit or follow MG.Bahrain on Facebook, mg_bah on Instagram or MG_Bahrain on Twitter for the latest offers, news and updates.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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