Kooheji Development appoints Schuco for Onyx project


Kooheji Development one of the largest and leading Real Estate Developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain signed an agreement with a leading international company specialized in providing system solutions for windows, doors, and facades – Schuco International, for its iconic high-rise residential development in Bahrain Bay. Schuco will supply the façade glass, sliding door technology, and aluminium structure for Onyx Bahrain Bay project.

Schüco International KG develops and sells system solutions for façade, windows, doors and it is based in Bielefeld in Germany. With more than 5,600 employees worldwide and 12,000 fabricators, developers, architects and investors around the world the company is considered the industry leader in terms of technology and façade system technology services that provides innovative solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

The panoramic design of Schuco that will be used in Onyx Bahrain Bay project is installed for the first time in Bahrain in a high-rise residential project. It is a world-class and premium product by Schuco’s sliding door and facades glass solutions. The Schüco Panorama Design sliding system makes possible flexible solutions that also meet the highest demands of comfort and design.

The optional level threshold guarantees a seamless transition from inside to outside. Together with the concealed outer frame integrated in the building structure and the narrow profiles, the sliding system ensures an architectural design flooded with light which enhances transparency to the maximum.

While considering the best possible system to achieve the best of both architectural design and functionality without compromising in the residents’ experience, Kooheji Development considered six key factors to be the parameters while selecting the system:

(1) Wind Load Resistance to ensure selecting the high-performance system that could bear very high wind load resistance up to 3KN Pascal which is considered very high load for any sliding system.

(2) Water Penetration, while we are keen to provide Onyx Bahrain Bay residents with the best view from the balcony, we had to consider the water penetration at high levels floors. Panorama Design Sliding System by Schuco passed all the water penetration at high levels tests with no compromise on the residents’ experience.

(3) Air whistles or noise which could be a major problem in many high-rise towers, therefore we tested all the system features to ensure high performance level with max level of noise control.

(4) Aesthetic it was one of key parameters for us to consider due to the uniqueness of Onyx Bahrain Bay views whether its city or sea view and to ensure that the system will provide the minimalist distribution to the views. With Schuco Panorama Design System we will achieve the maximum visibility of the outdoors with the minimalist distraction from the structure to the viewer.

(5) Customer door sliding flow experience with Schuco Panorama Design System it has the capacity to take up to 400 kgs with a very smooth customer experience in sliding the door.

(6) Highly Thermally Insulated System sliding system is very easy to use, has almost limitless design options and provides the highest level of transparency. A highly effective combination of aluminium and different types of plastic provides superb thermal insulation from Uw = 1.3W/m²K.

Keeping all these factors into consideration, Schuco Panorama Design System proofed to be the best international solution that has met all the pre-set parameters.

The sliding system’s puristic design is not only eye-catching, but it provides the ultimate customer experience to Onyx Bahrain Bay residents.

Commenting on the agreement signing with Schuco international, Engr. Mohamed Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji, General Manager of Kooheji Development said: “We are achieving elegant architectural design with the highest functionality standards while maintaining all our stakeholders’ interest in mind, from shareholders, owners to residents experience. The new Panorama Design System by Schuco International provided smart solution that achieved functionality and aesthetic with the best ever customer experience”.

“With ONYX Bahrain Bay, our great strength as a leading construction and development firm is to focus on latest technology trends and investment in Innovation. We at Kooheji Development, with our continued efforts to collaborate and provide innovative product, would like to maintain that key strength in our legacy to continually enhance world-class customer experience. Schuco International has been selected to be the best partner that provides exceptionally customer experience in façade system technology.” added Engr. Mohamed Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji.

Commenting on behalf of Schuco International, Ammar H. Alul, Managing Director: “We at Schüco – globally and in the Middle East – take great pride in our partnership with Kooheji Development.  Our relationship spans many years and includes several projects completed with our partner in Bahrain, Ahmed Omer Manufacturing (AOM).  This relationship is strong due to the common principles shared by Kooheji Group, AOM, and Schüco, namely ethics, quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.  We look forward to many more years, and decades, of success together.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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