Bahrain National Experts Platform initiative implementation final stage completed


Dr. Essam Ismail Al Alawi, Director of Training and Manpower Development, National Platform for Bahrain Experts Initiative Executive Team Chairman (Experts Register), announced that the final stage of implementing the initiative has been completed.

The initiative is part of the national plan for the consolidation of national affiliation and values of citizenship “Bahrainina” which includes 105 initiatives, with 81% of them being implemented by 25 different ministries and institutions within patriotism programs, public relations campaigns, media initiatives, curriculum initiatives, and legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Al-Alawi explained that the initiative aims to launch a national platform that includes a database of all Bahraini experts and specialists in various fields and document their professional progress, to give a positive impression of the Kingdom.

The initiative is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development in cooperation with the Information and eGovernment Authority to enhance values of patriotism and citizenship.



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