Banah releases the first virtually-directed music video clip in the Middle East


Living life to the fullest “because life is too short” says singer-songwriter Banah. The Bahrain-based artist wants listeners to have fun in her latest track ‘El A’ada El Helwa’.

“It’s like nothing I’ve done before”. Banah’s Egyptian pop release steers away from her previous sound which was more classical. The artist wanted to create a song to enjoy and forget, with positive beats and a chorus one can’t help but smile to.

“The song’s lyrics [which were written by Hisham Sadiq] stress the importance of having good company and true friends in your life – which brings happiness. There is nothing like joy to reduce stress from this crazy world are in.”

Unlike anything done in the region before, the music video which is filled with vibrant colors, sparkles, and a female cast was filmed and put together virtually by Sherif Tarhini.

“The set took place at my house where everybody wore masks – and the vibes despite the circumstances were super positive and fun. Everybody was happy to work and create something great.”

‘El A’ada El Helwa’ is out now on all platforms.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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