Update released by Health Ministry on family who did not follow COVID-19 health guidelines


The Ministry of Health has released an update on the Bahraini family who did not follow coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing guidelines, leading to viral transmission.

To date, the Ministry’s contact tracing programme has identified 32 additional COVID-19 cases in connection with the family, up from 16 when the cases were first announced on 9th May 2020. Contact tracing is ongoing.

On 9th May the Ministry announced the transmission of COVID-19 among 16 members of a Bahraini family who had been exposed to the virus by contact tracing case no. 2,930, a family member who attended Iftar at their brother’s house.

The family had been congregating in a large group of 30 without wearing masks, not adhering to social distancing measures established by the Ministry. This lack of regard for established public health guidelines caused the virus to spread among those in attendance and their contacts.

The Ministry of Health stressed that observing public health measures is the responsibility of all members of society and is fundamental to curtailing the transmission of the virus. The Ministry added that there is currently no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, highlighting that established medical protocols only alleviate symptoms while the patient’s immune system fights the infection.

The Ministry continues to enact stringent precautionary measures as well as expanding access to COVID-19 testing to identify active cases, increase treatment effectiveness and enhance contact tracing.


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