Precautionary measures taken by Bahrain to combat the COVID-19 outbreak


A press conference was organised last night by the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), at the Crown Prince Center for Training and Medical Research, regarding the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, and ways to safeguard the health of citizens and residents.

During the conference, the Infectious Diseases Consultant & Microbiologist at the BDF Hospital, Member of the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Dr. Manaf Al Qahtani, made the following statements:

• The Kingdom has registered 23 cases among individuals arriving from Iran to Bahrain International Airport, via Dubai and Sharjah.

• All passengers arriving from Iran and other countries experiencing cases of COVID-19 have been tested in a well-equipped, isolated area at the Airport.

• All infected patients arriving from Iran have then been transferred to the Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Health Center in Al Salmaniya, for isolation and treatment, and all individuals who have had contact with the infected patients are also under quarantine, as a precautionary measure.

• There are no registered cases of human to human transmission of the COVID-19 within the Kingdom.

• All COVID-19 cases are registered among individuals arriving from Iran, and were flagged at Bahrain International Airport, with the exception of patient zero, who was diagnosed after arrival to the Kingdom and has not transmitted the infection to any individual as of yet.

• The Kingdom is following a comprehensive medical protocol based on guidelines set out by the Gulf Health Council (GHG) and the World Health Organization (WHO), aimed to safeguard the health and safety of citizens and residents.

• Cooperation and collaboration between national institutions is critical to combat the spread of the COVID-19, as the health and safety of citizens remains the Kingdom’s top priority.

• Home quarantine mechanisms will be developed and put in place to limit the spread of the virus, and it is a joint national responsibility for the public and government to work together to ensure the success of the measures taken.

• Retired medical professionals will be deployed to intensify health care measures and provide the effective treatment of all infected individuals.

• All public and private schools, including kindergartens, and universities are to be closed for two weeks, as a precautionary measure to ensure the containment of the virus.

Dr Al Qahtani concluded by calling upon all citizens and residents who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to isolate themselves, call ‪444 and follow the instructions given by the medical team, and avoid close contact with others.


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