BRCS highlights the role of volunteers in protecting from “Coronavirus”


Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) held an open meeting with its volunteering members, during which their role in spreading awareness about how to prevent coronavirus in various segments was emphasized, in addition to their willingness and readiness to meet any national appeal related to this virus, and to complement and support government efforts in this regard.

The Bahrain Red Crescent board member Dr. Fawzi Amin started the meeting by praising the government efforts to prevent this virus, noting the preparations made by the Kingdom of Bahrain to face any emergency cases through training the medical and health personnel, and equipping the quarantine areas in a number of hospitals and centers, and dealing with cases which has been suspected so far with a high professionalism, expressing reassurance about the official statements confirming that Bahrain is free of Coronavirus so far.

“All this does not prevent us from proceeding with making all the necessary preparations in order to deal with any future developments that may happen, God forbid, and we in (BRCS) are ready to provide aid and assistance if requested, and to complete the governmental efforts exerted, especially as we have a great knowledge of how to deal with disasters, pandemics and disease outbreaks in different regions around the world.” Said Dr.Amin during the meeting.

Dr.Amin  explained that the aim of the meeting with the volunteers is to make sure that they are ready to provide the necessary medical and health assistance upon request, and provide them with the information and skills necessary to deal with emergency cases., “When qualified and trained medical and health teams are concerned with dealing with Coronavirus patients, trained volunteers can cover  the shortage in this field by providing ambulatory and health services to patients and reviewers in hospitals and health centers. Dr.Amin added.

During the meeting, Dr. Amin presented a list of reliable sources of information about the spread of Coronavirus and how to deal with it in a way that helps to combat the rumors that usually accompany such major global events.

He explained that the International Federation of the Red Crescent and Red Cross put three scenarios to deal with this virus, one of them at the level of China, and the other in the event that the virus spreads very quickly in the neighboring countries of China, and the last scenario in the event that the virus turns into a global pandemic. Dr. Amin stressed that the focus of the union in Part of it is about ways to support poor African countries in the event of an invasion by the virus, and ways to provide support to the health sector in these countries, which is already suffering from weakness and declining services, adding that the federation provided 32 million Swiss francs for this purpose.

The meeting, which was attended by the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health at the Ministry of Health and a member of (BRCS) Board Dr. Mariam Al Hajeri, stressed the role of volunteers in the application and dissemination of the instructions circulated by the Ministry of Health regarding the prevention of Coronavirus, and its symptoms and how to deal with suspected cases of infection.


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