First Medical appointments App in Bahrain


Invent ITS, a leading Bahraini company in the field of Information Technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain, recently announced that it is preparing in full swing to launch the first platform in Bahrain allocated for booking medical appointments.  The  platform,  which  is  powered  by  AWS  (Amazon  Web  Services),  will  be launched in an event supported by Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB)

The “Bahrain Medical” electronic platform comes to reiterate the Kingdom’s leading position in the field of technology, especially the area of digitalizing transactions in the era of the fourth industrial revolution and its consequent support, through digital technology, for all operations in various areas of life.

The platform will provide ease of mind for its users as it grants them the ability of seamlessly booking their medical appointments through a simple click, saving them the effort of making phone calls or the time wasted while waiting to be informed about the available appointments and timings.

Invent ITS confirmed that the platform will be available through the website, in  addition  to  a  smartphone  app  that  could  be  easily  installed  Apple  and  Android  official application stores.

On the occasion, Invent ITS CEO Mr. Ali Alhalwachi, expressed thanks and appreciation to all the supporting parties, including EDB, Amazon and all doctors for their unlimited support or active communication for this platform to see light, which provides an appointments booking experience that suits the technology boom witnessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain, in light of the care and support received by the information technology sector from the Wise Government under the prosperous era of the rule of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, with the aim of strengthening the Kingdom’s leading position in this vital field.

The CEO pointed to the keynote speech of HM the King during the opening ceremony of the second session of the fifth Legislative Term, in which HM the King stressed on the necessity of being fully prepared to deal with the requirements of the digital economy, by adopting and employing artificial intelligence technologies in the production and service sectors.

In  this  context,  Mr.  Alhalwachi  affirmed  that  Invent  ITS  has  been  working  on  creating preliminary plans and special visionary for this app, aiming to further strengthen Bahrain’s excellence in the field of employing technology in different services and fields.

He added that the new app provides a new dimension in the field of healthcare services in the Kingdom, as it smoothly arranges medical appointments without any conflict and overlapping therein, a matter that may reflect negatively on its flow and could lead to the loss of clients of hospitals and medical clinics in the Kingdom for precious hours of their time.




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