Digital Marketing generates Jobs for Bahrainis: NGN


NGN International, a regional technology group operating in Bahrain, organized a seminar to shed light on the digital marketing and the job opportunities that it generates for Bahrainis.

The seminar addressed digital marketing requirements such as knowledge of local culture, Arabic language, and Bahraini dialect, in addition to building productive personal relationships with customers.

Speaking on the event were Mr. Hussain Alsayed and Ms. Eman Allawi, were they highlighted that qualifying more Bahrainis in digital marketing would support national efforts that seek towards digital transformation and build a modern and competitive economy through effective investment of technological development applications, and building  applications that meet the aspirations of the Bahraini market.

During the seminar, it was emphasized that more Bahraini institutions directing to allocate a percentage of their budgets to digital marketing  which will generate opportunities for marketing professionals to acquire new skills and develop their careers.

The seminar reviewed the latest technologies and developments in digital marketing, highlighting the importance of the integration of elements of digital marketing, including company’s website, innovative content, search engines, e-mail, social media, and paid advertising.

It was also highlighted during the seminar the importance of e-marketing in expanding the customer base and increasing sales and providing offers and services on products and services. The seminar also presented a mechanism for using digital marketing that draws strategy and defines goals and uses performance measurement tools.

Entrepreneurs and SME owners were urged to use digital marketing and benefit from its low cost and direct communication with customers, and a quick knowledge of the market opinion of the product or service and develop it accordingly.


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