Consumer Price Index increased by 1.9 % in October


In October 2019, all item index increased by 1.9 percent compared to October 2018.

This 12-month change was higher than the 12-month change recorded in September 2019 (+1.2 percent) and higher than 12-month change recorded in August 2019 (+1.3 percent).

The most notable change in October 2019 was in the food and non-alcoholic beverages category, which saw an increase in prices by +4.3%; mainly due to the increase in fish and seafood prices (25.5%) followed by the price of vegetables (15.1%), according to Information and E-Government Authority (iGA) statistics.

Compared with the previous month, the October 2019 CPI increased by 0.6 per cent, reaching 100.5 points (April 2019=100).



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