Durrat Marina joins Gulf Property Show as strategic sponsors


Durrat Marina will make its debut appearance at Gulf Property Show at the Avenues as Strategic Sponsors.

The GCC’s boutique real estate showcase Mall event will take place for the second year at the Avenues – Bahrain, from November 6 – 9.

Waleed Saffy, CEO of Durrat Marina, says “Durrat Marina is a marquee development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is only fit and proper that our vision behind the marina-based luxury development should take a prominent role at Bahrain’s premiere event for real estate promotion”

Durrat Marina is a major waterfront development in Bahrain with a project value in excess of $1.3 billion.  The development spans three artificial islands with open sea façades. The project comprises of a variety of   real estate options of residential waterfront villas, high end apartments and land plots for sale which are all in close proximity to the operational and luxurious marina.

HCE Managing Director Jubran Abdulrahman confirms “We look forward to the participation of Durrat Marina at the Gulf Property Show’s Mall edition.  Durrat Marina will be offering a unique value proposition in lifestyle development.

Mr. Abulrahman adds “ Visitors to the Avenues Mall will get to see Durrat Marina’s vision for the south of Bahrain.”

“Durrat Marina will provide a coastal haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, providing a tranquil environment and laid back lifestyle perfect for the entire family. Phase I of the project is on the verge of completion and is developed by both Durrat Marina and other well-known third party developers who have also shown interest in Phase II of the project.” Adds Mr Saffy

The Gulf Property Show at The Avenues – Bahrain 2019 carries the organizational support of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Bahrain ( RERA).


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