“Smile” launches awareness campaign of childhood cancer in Bahrain


The “Smile” initiative of the Future Youth Association, which provides psychosocial support to children with cancer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the launch of the sixth edition of its awareness campaign “Our Children as Gold”, in order to spread awareness of childhood cancer among various segments of society.

The President of the Association, Mr. Sabah Abdul Rahman Al Zayani, revealed that the campaign was launched with a recreational activity for the heroes kids of “Smile” on the occasion of returning to schools, and will continue for a whole month.

“This year will witness a great development in the campaign, in terms of establishing a real partnership with various public and private sectors wishing to participate in the campaign and support children Cancer patients in the Kingdom of Bahrain”, Mr. Al Zayani said.

“This year, we have decided, through our campaign, to give the private sector as much as possible the opportunity to express their support for the cause of children with cancer, and to encourage them to generate innovative ideas to express this support” he added.

“The campaign witnessed a large turnout from private sector institutions this year, such as banks, real estate companies, logistics companies and others, which will implement various community awareness activities,” he explained, “We will remain ready to provide any necessary advice or logistical support”

“Any organization that wants to participate in our campaign can choose any event, such as organizing the Walkathon Walk Festival with the participation of its employees, a pediatric cancer awareness pavilion within the institution or in a public place such as a commercial complex or a park,” he said>

Mr. Al-Zayani called on all to participate in support of the campaign’s efforts in enhancing the awareness of the various segments and components of the Bahraini society about childhood cancer and how to deal with the children heroes infected, and put Bahrain on the list of countries of the world that participate annually in the activities of childhood cancer and highlight it, and highlight the Kingdom’s achievements in the field Providing health and medical services to children cancer heroes.

In addition to the main educational objective of the campaign, the campaign also aims to achieve other goals, including the improvement of psychosocial support services provided to children with cancer and their parents, and to provide greater opportunity for children with cancer patients to participate in a wide range of entertainment, sports, social and cultural events, and provide a permanent platform for acquaintance Among the parents of sick children, relieving them of the psychological burden usually caused by their child’s cancer.


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