Volunteers of Bahrain Red Crescent provide psychosocial support to patients


The Health Awareness Committee of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society organized a visit to patients receiving treatment in the psychiatric hospital and different pediatric sections of the Salmaniya Medical Complex. Delight and pleasure in the hearts of patients and provide psychosocial support to them.

A number of Red Crescent Society volunteers, Board Member Dr. Kawthar Al-Eid, and the Chairman of the Health Awareness Committee, Mrs. Maysser Sabri Awad, said that the visit was aimed at boosting positive morale, bringing joy and happiness to the hearts of patients and providing psychological support and reassurance on their health.

Dr. Charlotte Awad, President of the Psychiatric Hospital, praised this interactive program and thanked the Board of Directors and the volunteer team of the Red Crescent, and urged the repetition of such events because they have a positive impact on the psyche of patients and their families, calling on the volunteers to contribute to this cooperation and to be an effective part. To raise awareness of mental health.

The Red Crescent volunteers also visited the pediatric sections, which included oncology, dialysis and other pediatric departments in their rooms, to check on their health and to provide them with support and moral support and to bring joy in their hearts, wishing them a speedy recovery. Their positive spirit reflected in their small hearts the hope for a better life.


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