Batelco distributes reusable bags to the public at Wadi Al Sail Mall


In support of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s initiative designed to phase out single-use plastic products and as part of Batelco’s aim to raise awareness to a wider audience, the Company’s CSR Team ‘Nasna’ recently distributed reusable bags to the public at Wadi Al Sail Mall in Riffa.

Due to supermarkets and shopping malls being among the contributors towards the Kingdom’s consumption of plastic, ultimately harming marine wildlife and negatively impacting the environment, ‘Nasna’ took it upon themselves to be part of the solution and distribute reusable bags to the mall shoppers, encouraging them to convert to a more environmentally-friendly alternative in order to provide a better environment for future generations.

This initiative by Batelco is set to focus on decreasing the consumption of one-time use plastic both internally and externally, in-line with the global environmental awareness trends and the national initiative launched by the Supreme Council for Environment.

Batelco strives to support environmental initiatives that contribute towards maintaining sustainability, through its Nasna CSR programme. This also reflects the company’s commitment towards community service.


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