Promoting Sustainable Energy in Bahrain


Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza has inaugurated the first sustainable international energy conference organised by the Centre for Sustainable Energy in cooperation with the Bahrain Society of Engineers and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The event is held under the theme “Promoting Sustainable Energy in the Kingdom of Bahrain”.

Ambassadors and heads of industrial companies and government institutions along with more than 500 participants from Bahrain and abroad are attending.

The minister praised the directives of the leadership and the government to encourage the utilisation of sustainable energy and work on improving energy efficiency for comprehensive development and achieving the goals of the United Nations in sustainable development, especially that of providing clean and renewable energy for all.

Bahrain’s achievements in the field of sustainable energy and improving energy efficiency, as well as the steps that have been taken in this area, are also being discussed.

The event will focus on two main objectives. The first is to strengthen the information base and improve the capabilities of those concerned with the development and implementation of programmes and strategies related to renewable energy and energy efficiency through the exchange of information and expertise at the local and regional levels.

The second is sustainable development and attracting investments, as well as creating new job opportunities while raising awareness of the importance of adopting sustainable energy as an alternative energy based on renewable natural resources, thus contributing to the health and economic burdens of energy use.

On the sidelines of the event, a joint exhibition in which more than 25 companies and institutions presented the latest technologies in the field of renewable energy, is also being held.

The organising committee has also given an opportunity to university students to take part in the event in recognition of the role of youth in establishing a clean energy culture. These young people will be the foundation of the future.

Among the speakers at the forum are the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Development Programme in Bahrain Amin Al Sharqawi, who congratulated Dr. Mirza on the establishment of the first international sustainable energy forum in Bahrain, one of the most important steps in support of renewable energy initiatives that will strengthen Bahrain’s presence in the field and help achieve its national ratios of energy approved by the Council of Ministers in advance, and the fulfillment of the its international commitments, including the objectives of sustainable development.
The UNDP official also expressed his confidence that 6 percent of energy use in Bahrain by 2025 will be renewable energy.

The conference is a pioneering initiative to ensure the implementation of national plans of action prepared by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and approved by the Council of Ministers, a platform through which the national vision and goals of sustainable development meet clean energy plans and promotes the principle of partnership.

Dr. Mriza thanked the organisers, sponsors, speakers and participants.



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