In 2009, CIOCCOLATITALIANI gave life to the innovative “made in Italy” bar and restaurant service format completely dedicated to the cult of chocolate.

Founded by Ferrieri family, with the first flagship store on Via De Amicis in Milan, today CIOCCOLATITALIANI has 37 locations, between company owned and master franchising, of which 23 are in Italy (Milano, Arese, Brescia, Como, Varese, Vimercate, Cesenatico…) and 14 in international locations (Riyadh, Kuwait City, Doha, Muscat, Bahrain,Tirana, Prizren…).

In less than ten years, CIOCCOLATITALIANI has succeeded in creating a new brand of Italian excellence with a modern approach to deal with a market that looks confidently beyond Italian borders through growth and steady expansion in key international markets.

Cocoa excellence: Fino de Aroma

CIOCCOLATITALIANI has chosen Cacao “Fino de Aroma”, one of the finest chocolate varieties in the world, as key ingredient for all preparations. Fino de Aroma is a precious variety made by crossing the Criollo and Trinitario varieties, and represents only 8% of the world’s cocoa. Its name, donned by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), alludes to the aromatic nuances, an essence that emanates flowers and fruit on the palate with pronounced notes of malt and characteristically low levels of acidity, astringency and bitterness resulting in notable complexity on the palate.

Through long, researched travels across remote regions, CIOCCOLATITIALIANI has selected not only the most rare and precious beans, but also ensures sustainable farming practices.

Chocology, the art of mixing chocolate

The goal of CIOCCOLATITALIANI is to be ambassador of “Chocology,” or the art of mixing chocolate – starting from excellent raw material and expressing all of its marvelous qualities, which render it unique time after time, in a cup of coffee, an artisanal gelato, a cake or an exceptional dish.

The chocolate fountains, invented first by CIOCCOLATITALIANI, are the icon of indulgence and the unprecedented novelty of “on tap,” which has become a distinctive signature of service.

CIOCCOLATITALIANI launched its first outlet in Bahrain through its master franchisee , Deli Gulf, located at the Bahrain City Center opposite the cinema , with plans for further locations, the brand is set to define a new height for the art of chocolate and Gelato in Bahrain.


76 Tons of chocolate melted every year
more than 5,500 coffee cups served daily
Over 3 miilion gelato cones prepared every year
450+ employees serving more than 5 million happy customers annually



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