VIVA Bahrain wins Bahrain International CSR Award for Excellence in Community


Under the patronage of Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Oil Minister, Bahrain International CSR and Sustainability Conference presented VIVA Bahrain with a CSR award for its Excellence in Community – Partnership with Charity.  The event held this month, was attended by delegates from various industries who play a significant role in corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability in Bahrain and regionally.

VIVA Bahrain was awarded in recognition of its grassroots CSR initiatives that takes place all year round, one example of VIVA’s most notable national-level initiative is ‘Iftar Saem’. This annual Ramadan initiative aimed to distribute food boxes for the less fortunate to break their fast.  ‘Iftar Saem’ has reached out to more than 75,000 people through 75,000 parcels, across 18 locations in the Kingdom. Over 400 internal and external volunteers distributed the meals throughout the years.

Fereej VIVA initiative was also highlighted as part of the CSR award. Launched in 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing the initiative focus on benefitting Bahraini women with low-incomes and reach out to the wider Bahraini community of women living under challenging conditions. The ‘Fereej VIVA’ initiative runs in parallel to the royal vision to provide quality housing services for citizens with limited income.

VIVA’s partnership with Conserving Bounties Society also received great recognition at the event, it’s a co-initiative with Conserving Bounties Society which focuses on sourcing surplus food from large gathering events or hotels/restaurants and deliver food parcels to families in need.  Since its inception, Conserving Bounties Society reached to over 3000 labourers and 300 families, distributing 280,500 meal parcels in total.

Mr. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA Bahrain’s CEO, commented, “VIVA is honoured and delighted to win the Bahrain International CSR Award for Excellence in Community – Partnership with Charity. This award reflects on VIVA’s continuous commitment of its CSR initiatives and its charity collaborations through VIVA Jusoor.  VIVA continuously and always will be dedicated to the development and execution of sustainable projects to ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of the Bahraini community is our priority.”

Bahrain International CSR Awards celebrates industry’s best and most powerful, impactful social responsibility and green campaigns. The finalists in this awards program set new standards of excellence and point the way for other organizations to follow. The winners of the CSR Awards represent corporations, agencies and non-profits.

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