Is bottled water harmful? Abu Dhabi clarifies


Dubai: The alleged dangers surrounding bottled water has resurfaced, prompting authorities to address the public’s concerns. 

A video circulated recently on social media sparked residents’ fears over the safety of bottled water, as it claimed that such types of products caused fatigue, headaches and affected the immune system when ingested. 

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority confirmed that all brands of bottled water are safe for human consumption. It also stressed that companies in the market comply with the UAE’s technical regulation of labelling their products in an accurate manner, and declared all ingredients used in the composition of bottled water. 

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According to the UAE and Gulf Standards No. UAE.S GSO 1025: 2014 for bottled water, the pH level of bottled water should be between 6.5 and 8.5. The percentage of dissolved solids in bottled water should also be between 100 and 600 parts per million (ppm).

The food authority pointed out that all products in the UAE market are safe, and stressed that bottled water are packaged and transported in transparent containers manufactured from approved substances.

The agency urged residents to contact the government contact centre on 800555 to verify any type of information they may come across social networking sites, and warned the public to avoid spreading false information. 


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