Royal Life Saving Bahrain stresses importance of survival swimming


Due to the high number of drowning incidents that have taken place in the Kingdom of Bahrain in recent months, Royal Life Saving Bahrain (RLSB) in line with their commitment to spread awareness on water safety, urge all members of the community to learn the skill of survival swimming.

With an average of 16 drowning related deaths taking place in the Kingdom each year, it is vital that anyone planning on being in or around water is trained in survival swimming, a capability which equips swimmers with the skills to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. Survival swimming is not intended to replace traditional swimming lessons; however it does provide the fundamental skills necessary to survive. In addition to saving your life, swimming also has other advantages such as being a recreational activity with many health benefits. Avid swimmers could also go on to participate in competition opportunities and develop a career path out of swimming competitively.

“We strongly encourage parents to enroll their children in swimming lessons, as swimming is an essential skill that will teach them how to keep themselves safe should something unexpected happen. We are passionate about spreading the message of how a simple thing such as learning how to swim could save you in a dangerous situation. We also believe that encouraging individuals of all ages to learn how to swim will lead to a reduction in the number of drowning incidents the Kingdom witnesses each year, as it is a skill that once learned will stay with you for life”, said Skills Development Executive at RLSB, Sameera Al Bitar.

Accounting for 372,000 fatalities every year, drowning is one of the biggest causes of preventable death in the world today. Prevention is key in increasing the probability of surviving any drowning situation, as survival is dependent on the speed of removal from the water and how quickly proper resuscitation can take place. Therefore, instilling basic swimming and lifesaving education, skills and leadership into all members of the community is vital in order to ensure their safety.

In a bid to tackle the issue , RLSB recently hosted two experts from Australia to train their swimming instructors on how to effectively deliver the Swim for Safety Program. Once the instructors’ training was completed, RLSB successfully conducted a pilot course which included 2 hours of intensive training to 54 children, women and men over a 4 day period. By the end of the course 38% of children, 31% of women and 67% of men were able to swim a 25m distance.

RLSB is now offering individuals of all ages with the opportunity to learn how to swim and develop from non-swimmers to basic swimmers. The program will focus on water safety and equipping swimmers with the knowledge required to stay safe in water. To register for lessons or to find out more contact RLSB on [email protected] or 17238888, or visit



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