Tamkeen launches support program for Bahrainis in cloud computing


Tamkeen will be offering training for Bahrainis in cloud computing services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) by funding their education.

The financial support scheme  which was announced during the second AWS summit, aims to enhance the efficiency and security of business operations in Bahrain. It will also pay for services from AWS for interested Bahraini businesses, eligible enterprises, SMEs and startups,  and the support will cover the reimbursement of 100% of the cost for the initial 18 months of three year contract with Tamkeen.

Cloud Computing Services has been included as part of Tamkeen’s Enterprise Support Programme to enhance the efficiency, security and effectiveness of businesses’ operations with access to more than 125 services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS),” Tamkeen stated.

Praising the initiative, Tamkeen Chief Executive Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi highlighted the importance of ensuring the private sector’s sustainable growth.

“Meeting the changing and growing needs of the market, in light of modern economy and technology, is crucial to enhancing businesses competitiveness in the local and international markets,” Dr Janahi explained.

“Cloud computing is one of the prominent modern business technologies known for its cost-effective solutions in managing business data, IT infrastructure and operations to enable businesses enhance their productivity from a wide range of service options.”

Dr Janahi explained that the scheme will help businesses reduce their expenses to focus more on their core business, with a better quality and access to information.

“Enterprises will be able to reduce expenditure as cloud computing offers businesses access to the power and performance of an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure without the maintenance cost of owning their own hardware,” he added.

Tamkeen has encouraged entitled enterprises wanting to avail from the scheme to submit their applications on its website.



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