17th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition opens in Bahrain


Minister of Oil, Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa inaugurated the 17th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition held on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre, with various participation of engineers and specialists in the field of corrosion and water treatment.

As well as a large number of representatives of local and global companies, from the organization of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers Dhahran Branch in Saudi Arabia and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) of West Asia and the African Region and the Bahrain Society of Engineers.

In cooperation and coordination with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA), under the patronage of Saudi Aramco and Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and a number of oil and industrial companies in the GCC countries and around the world.

The minister of Oil expressed his great pleasure in embracing the 17th edition of the Corrosion Conference series, in order to provide and exchange information for those interested in all areas of prevention and control of the phenomenon of corrosion in the oil, gas, energy and various industries throughout the world.

He noted, since the launch of the conference’s series in 1979 and the event has gained a reputation among global events, given the positive role in providing the best modern technologies in the field of oil, exploration, energy, corrosion, water treatment, researchers and specialists in this vital field. Hoping that the participants in this conference will benefit from the papers presented in order to improve their institutions.

He added that it is important to discuss the phenomenon of corrosion, which is a problem facing the Gulf region and the Middle East more than other regions of the world. Due to several reasons, most notably geographical location and climatic conditions, which has become a major concern for the possibility of damage in various fields including pipelines, bridges, buildings, aircrafts, electrical appliances, etc.

He said that the Middle East countries depend heavily on the oil and gas sector and the industrial sector such as electricity and water, and regardless of safety measures, corrosion also poses a significant risk to economic expenses, which costs billions of dollars. Where this can be avoided through applying modern technology, including corrosion-resistant materials as well as applying corrosion prevention practices.

He pointed out that NOGA is paying great attention in this area in terms of the latest findings of modern technologies and specialized studies and the holding of many specialized events and active participation in local and international forums. In order to benefit from the investment projects that the authority started in cooperation with several specialized companies such as the development of the Bahrain refinery and the implementation of new pipelines between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and the port of liquefied gas and other related projects.

He extended his thanks and appreciation to the organizers for the good preparation and organization that contributed positively to the great participation in the conference, and extended his thanks and appreciation to the speakers and the Presidents of the meetings and the delegations and companies participating in the accompanying exhibition, wishing them all the best and success as they seek the desired goals of this great event.

Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) President Dr. Dheya Tawfiqi said they are working hard to contribute in making Bahrain a destination for attracting international conferences specialized in engineering.

He said the BSE has been cooperating with several organisations from within and outside Bahrain to organize international conferences on corrosion, which provide and exchange information on metal erosion. These include the oil and gas industry and other industries.

Organising committee Chairman Abdullah Al-Dosari said the event this year has attracted 29 sponsors. He said there are also 73 exhibitors from relevant bodies from within and outside Bahrain.

About 160 speakers, including top engineers, decision-makers and those concerned with metal corrosion issues from around the world are taking part. He said the conference programme for this year includes six specialized workshops, including one on women in the industry. This is the first time in the history of the conference that this issue is being addressed.

At the opening ceremony, some of the speakers were Mr. Ahmed Al Sa’adi, Senior Vice President of Saudi Aramco’s technical services, Mr. Jeffrey Didas, President of the American Society of Corrosion Engineers, Mr. Mohammed Al Subaie, Director of the American Society of Corrosion Engineers, West Asia and Africa branch, and Dr. Dheya Tawfeeqi, President of Bahrain Society of Engineers.

This important event attracted many people around the world working in various sectors, where the conference included many different programs and workshops that will cover all aspects of corrosion. In addition to presenting everything that is new and developed in the products that have occurred in the corrosion industry.

The minister and other officials inaugurated the accompanying exhibition, which was attended by 73 companies from 29 local, regional and international countries, which presented the latest findings of technologies in this field. During His Excellency’s field tour between the galleries of the exhibition, he received many presentations by international companies specializing in this field, noting the importance of these participations and meetings to prepare national competencies and sharpen their skills as well as to enhance the role of investment in this aspect.




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