Property Finder brings leads directly to your WhatsApp


Property Finder now enables property seekers to contact you using WhatsApp!

This breakthrough allows us to maximize the channels for enquiries to reach you.  Over 75% of Property Finder traffic comes from Mobile devices in Bahrain and with WhatsApp part of everyone’s daily lives, the combination of the high traffic and integration of a default communication method will mean that you and your leads can be in immediate and constant contact.

Instead of the Email button on Mobile, the user will now see a WhatsApp button, when they click on this it will open their WhatsApp with a pre-filled in message and your number, it is that simple and quick.  What is more, is that you will also get a property reference in the message so you will know from the very first interaction which property they are interested in.

Of course, the normal phone channel still exists and, should you not be a WhatsApp user, the button remains an Email option.  We highly recommend you make the best use of this option. Our research shows that conversion on Mobile devices increases when WhatsApp is available as people like to initially message and be in control of how they interact with you.  WhatsApp gives them that option and allows them to have an initial query sent in seconds and they can view when it is delivered, when you have read it and then manage the replies of queries they have made.  Our advice is to make sure you think about a company standard for replying to WhatsApp leads, think how you would like to be responded to and make sure your agents apply this rule so that you impress your leads from that very first interaction.

We expect this new feature to be an instant hit with our users and we are sure it is going to change the way you interact with the leads that Property Finder brings you.

We are working on some other new cool features and we will be in touch soon with more upgrades for the Bahrain market.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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