All your home furnishing needs & more under one roof at Dragon City Bahrain


Once home construction is complete, the search begins for furniture and other appliances, which may take a lot of time and effort. This ends with Dragon City Bahrain, where you will find most of your requirements under one roof at the best prices and highest quality. Options are diverse with a variety of shops that offer wallpapers, floorings, lamps, doors and much more.

Add an exceptional touch to the walls of your home with Dragon City’s wallpapers, which are marked by elegance, uniqueness and highly competitive prices. There you will find a reflection of your personality that enables the walls of your home to express your psyche.

With Dragon City, your home will have bright and vibrant lights, with an unlimited number of options ranging from ceiling, wall and floor lamps, to luxuriant chandeliers at the best prices.

Next, you can select from a wide list of shops that offer the finest antiques to imbibe your personal touch. The city also has many options in the latest decors and elegant sanitary ware sets. You can also adorn your outdoor garden from Dragon City, where are a number of shops provide a unique collection of outdoor furniture. In addition, there are many paintings and decorations in the city for your home’s peak refinement.

To be more secure, Dragon City has a variety of stores that provide a wide range of remote surveillance cameras and other security installations. You can also preserve the environment and save a lot of money with a number of shops that install solar panels.

Mr. Patrick Zheng Shuo, CEO of Chinamex, the operating company of Dragon City, commended the variety of options for home furnishings, noting the time, effort and money that customers will be able to save by shopping in the city for furniture and household appliances. He added, “At Dragon City Bahrain, we are keen to provide easy solutions to all customers’ needs, so as to always be their first destination. We are very pleased with the home furnishing options we have available.”

Dragon City is a first of its kind project in the Kingdom of Bahrain and it includes Dragon Mall, Dragon Apartments, Dining Village, Dragon Plaza and an allocated area for warehouses. Dragon City is home to more than 787 commercial units, effectively making it the largest wholesale and retail trading centre in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Located South-West of Diyar Al Muharraq, it is strategically located in close proximity to Bahrain’s International Airport, the state-of-the-art Khalifa Bin Salman Port and the Capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama, making it ideal and providing easy access to customers from both the Kingdom and beyond. Dragon City gives to its customers, including local consumers, trade customers and tourists, an access to a wide range of offers and high quality Chinese products.

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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