LG aims to help the region to grow smarter together with energy efficient solutions for homes


Countries in the GCC are on a quest to achieve higher standards of living by integrating sustainable solutions. Whether it is being responsible by encouraging people to recycle or working with solar power, many governments across the region are determined to make their country future-oriented by focusing more on renewable sources of energy in order to protect and save the environment.

However, LG believes that the journey to a sustainable, liveable and greener environment begins at home, which it why it’s range of home appliances work effortlessly within any energy management system as they are engineered to save energy and preserve resources.

LG’s TWINWash Washing Machine that can wash two loads at the same time along with its InstaView Refrigerator, where a few knocks give people a glimpse as to what is inside the refrigerator without opening the door are just a few examples of the company’s innovative portfolio of home appliances and electronics that boast efficiency.

“LG is on a quest to bring smart homes to customers so that together with the mandates of each respective country in the region, we can grow smarter together,” said Mr. Kevin Cha, President LG Electronics Middle East and Africa. “Our aim is to make life more convenient for people, which is why we are investing in smart technology like the SmartThinQ application – whereby customers have the opportunity to be responsible and can control their home environments in order to conserve energy without compromising on convenience.”

Mr. Cha further stated that as the world moves closer to adopting IoT, Robots and Artificial Intelligence, home owners will spend less time doing mundane chores and spend more time focusing on developing themselves both professionally and personally.

LG has already made robots more accessible as it has introduced them into the commercial space with the ‘Guide Robots’ and ‘Cleaning Robots’ at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport in Korea. These robots are highly efficient as it helps navigate people flawlessly to their destination and cleans the environment to ensure that it is clean and safe at all times.

Although there are concerns that robots will replace some jobs, technology has created more jobs that it has destroyed according to 140 years of data.

The implementation of smarter home appliances, electronics and robots will only accelerate human potential, increasing productivity, efficiency and facilitate economic growth.

To view LG’s latest products and smart home solutions, please visit the https://lg.com/ae

SOURCE: BizBahrain


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