CSB analyses Government agencies labour force


Civil Service Bureau (CSB) has studied and analysed the actual expenditure of 47 government entities during the last two years, based on the keenness of the CSB to move towards optimal utilisation of financial resources, and following up, controlling and rationalising government expenditure, enhancing productivity in government entities and ensuring the preservation of employees’ rights and earnings.

This reflected the actual needs of government entities, taking into account the commitment of these entities to absorb the annual increase and the entitlements of employees within the limits set for the budget of work force expenditure.
This scrutiny took place in order to study the outputs of the labor force expenditure of government entities subject to the civil service umbrella for the fiscal year 2017, following the completion of the preparation of estimates by the ministries and government entities for the expenditures of the labor force for the financial years 2017- 2018.

Jamal Abdulaziz Al-Alawi, Director General of Organisation and Position Budget said that CSB has set rules and regulations for the management and control of the implementation of expenditure on workforce of the governmental bodies affiliated under the civil service umbrella. The fruit of these efforts, controls and rules have supported and contributed to the commitment of those government agencies to spend them in budgets approved for workforce expenditure (Chapter I) for the fiscal year 2017.

Al-Alawi also said that the largest share of the actual expenditure was on basic items related to employees’ salaries, which amounted to about 88% of the total disbursement of the first section. The actual expenditure of the labor force (section I) for the year 2016 amounted to approximately 680 million dinars, while the actual disbursement for the year 2017 amounted to about 656 million dinars, a reduction rate of 3.5% of what was spent in 2016.

He reviewed some of the items which equal the level of expenditure during the years 2016 and 2017, in addition to other items where their expenditure has decreased in 2017 compared to 2016.

The items where the spending on has increased has also been studied. The scrutiny shows that expenditure on car and transport were equal, where expenditure on them was around BD13 million in 2016 and 2017.
As for expenditure on communication allowance, spending amounted to two million dinars during the two years.
The spending on overtime has decreased by 21%, where the spending on this item was BD14 million in 2016 and has decreased to BD11 million in 2017.

Partial disbursement expenditure of BD 4 million in 2016 decreased to BD 5 million in 2017, an estimated reduction of 20%, reflecting the correct direction of the actual needs of these financial resources. These financial savings will be reallocated and monitored in favour of the employees, noting that the expenditure level on improvement of living allowance amounted to BD 23 million, up from BD 22 million in 2016, an increase of 4.5%.



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