GPIC starts Green Wave Initiative Campaign


The Gulf Petrochemical Company (GPIC) has started the third part of its green drive in support of the Green Wave initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme.

The project, which runs in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, takes place as student agricultural campaigns in Bahrain’s public schools.

During the campaign, the company supplies schools with tree saplings to be planted in the school yard, as its contribution towards supporting the development of the environment and increasing the green area in all facilities and institutions.

GPIC’s Agri-Nutrients Committee has been visiting the schools and planting fruit trees in cooperation with the students. The Committee members also train the students on the correct steps and supervise the greening of the school gardens.

Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said the project promotes a culture of biodiversity and awareness of the importance of agriculture and afforestation, especially among young people. He said GPIC has always supported this annual event in cooperation with the Ministry of Education since schools are the ideal place for young people to familiarize themselves with the need and the importance of caring for the environment, and how to plant trees as well as generate an interest in increasing green area in Bahrain.

Dr. Jawahery thanked the ministry for its co-operation and said the Ministry had assisted in choosing the schools where saplings are planted and made all the necessary arrangements. He said the company had this year provided 2,000 seedlings of Bahraini fruit trees to 50 schools.

He also thanked the Chairman and members of the Agri-Nutrients Committee for their efforts in providing the saplings and in implementation of the project. He said such environmental initiatives would contribute to raising awareness among young people on the importance of respecting and preserving the environment.

He said the GPIC Board of Directors is keen to support sustainable development issues and encourages partnerships in a number of programmes and events that support the development of the agricultural sector.

The President said the company regards environmental support as one of its main programmes of work. He added the GPIC is committed to protecting the environment while playing a leading role in working on the sustainability of its surroundings and implementing several environmental projects within its industrial complex.

The Green Wave project is aimed at promoting the environment by planting as many trees as possible by involving young people of all ages.

The campaign attracts a number of specialists in agricultural sciences who introduce students to the importance of agriculture and concentrate on increasing local crop production to contribute to the development of the national economy, reducing air pollution and raising the environmental balance.



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