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        二維碼_Lianyungang Soda Ash Co.,Ltd.

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        Tel: +86-518-86088888
        Fax: +86-518-82311440
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        Safety www.lygsoda.com

        As one of the first national "1000 enterprises energy saving action" pilot unit, Lianyungang Soda Ash Co., Ltd. for many years actively fulfill the state of corporate social responsibility, adhere to the construction of energy-saving environmental protection, environmental friendly enterprise, through continuous innovation, management improvement and optimization technology, large force into new energy-saving emission reduction technology, care a clear blue sky. Enterprise has won the "provincial leak free factory", "Ping An enterprise", "Lianyungang Municipal Environmental Protection advanced enterprise", "2012 annual energy-saving advanced enterprises", in 2013 by the China petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation named "2012 annual energy efficiency benchmarking enterprise industry leader".

        Over the years, in order to protect a clear water and blue sky, Lianyungang Soda bold trial "new technology", invested heavily in technological transformation and innovation. At the same time, according to the circular economy "reduction, reuse, recycle" principle, the energy-saving emission reduction by the end of the treatment to the source control, process control, continuous construction improve waste water recycling, clean production chain of fly ash recycling, using a variety of processing technology, the soda residue dam, waste salt, waste to treasure. Both transformation equipment, or environmental governance, Lianyungang Soda Ash Co., Ltd. bearing social responsibility, the environmental protection and the development of enterprises organically, out of a not only economic benefits, but also the blue win-win road.

        Let the blue sky witness, Lianyungang Soda will as in the past to "clean production, green development" concept of environmental protection as a guide, in the process creating saving environment-friendly enterprises in the line of duty, to show its mettle.


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